Email Marketing Privacy Policy

Email marketing in style. & strong stance on permission goes well beyond Can-Spam’s guidelines to ensure that community follows the very best practices and adheres to the highest of standards. As a second-generation service, we recognized the mistake earlier programs made by allowing people to send pretty much anything to, well, pretty much anybody. We also recognized that by sticking to the highest standards, & customers would also see the best results for their investment. That said, here are a few of the ways the & community tackles permission:

A simple, straightforward permission policy

This checklist is something every & customer agrees to on signing up, and it’s the first step of the import process every time they add new people to their audience. To send an email to someone using &, that recipient has to be someone who (a) has specifically asked to receive emails from the sending organization, (b) has a business relationship with the sender, (c) has provided his or her email address to the sender knowing it will be used, or (d) has bought a product or service from the sender in the past 18 months.

No list rental or purchasing here

We won’t sell you our list; don’t even ask. Many services allow you to purchase a list of prospects and email them. & doesn’t. That’s because as good as any list vendor will claim their list is, we know it’s likely to generate a lot of complaints and not a lot of results. So we don’t rent or sell lists, and we don’t allow rented or purchased lists to be used by the & community.

A conversation before sending

A big difference between & and most self-serve programs is that here we talk to you. And in that initial conversation we cover best practices and permission, making sure you and your lists are set to enjoy great success here at &