Married But Single 2

In this highly anticipated sequel, Julian Johnson has finally married the love of his life, Sharon. But at the pinnacle of their first year of

Married But Single

Married But Single Sharon Wilson is in love with R&B sensation, Julian Johnson, who knows everything about singing about love and nothing about how to

For Love or Money

Tina seems to have it all: booming business, lots of money, and a great man, Russell, that loves her. So it was no surprised when she was nominated for Mocha Magazine’s Woman of year. But with one false move from her shady accountant, her award, business, and money may be gone forever. But when Russell can only offer affection, Tina runs to her rich ex, Jacoby, for financial support. Now she must decide if her pursuit should be For Love or Money.

Men, Money & Gold Diggers

Caleb Peterson has it all-a great job, plenty of money, and a fine fiancée in former model Paisley Terrell. They’re all set to get married just as soon as she signs a prenuptial agreement, but there’s just one problem…”Paisley don’t do pre-nups!” As war wages and trusts start to crumble, it turns into an all-out battle of the sexes.

Friends & Lovers

Friends and Lovers, tells a story of two sets of best friends: Leonard and Tyrel, and Debra and Shelby. Leonard meets Shelby and Tyrel meets Debra. The two couples fall in love and the challenges abound. When Debra meets Leonard, a successful comedian with complications of his own, she has just gotten off the sex-before-marriage merry-go-round. If he wants to ride, he will have to produce the gold ring. Tyrel, a sexy architect, has troubles finding a good woman and certainly doesn’t think he’s capable of loving one. This changes when he meets the cynical, yet good natured woman Shelby. Both are in for a life change when they have to face their fears, challenge jealousy and test friendships in Friends and Lovers starring Leon, Miguel Nunez, Mel Jackson and Monica Calhoun.

Men Cry in the Dark

Starring Allen Payne, Richard Roundtree, Rhona Bennett, Christopher Williams and Lavell Crawford, Men Cry in the Dark delves into the lives of four men looking for love in all the wrong places. The play is an entertaining and down-to-earth experience about relationships, fatherhood and interracial dating from the man’s perspective. Baisden has courageously stepped outside the boundaries to prove once and for all that men do love their children, cherish their women, and yes, even cry.

Marriage Material

When a married couple is ready to call it quits, they always want different things. Esteemed lawyer Koren Lyles has been known to slay hearts, but what happens when each of her past romantic casualties, end up at a premarital weekend retreat all together? It’s a date with disaster!

Whatever She Wants

Starring Vivica A. Fox, Boris Kodjoe and Richard Roundtree, “Whatever She Wants” takes us into the life of forty year old Vivian Wolf. Vivian Wolf has suffered one heartbreak too many and has no room left for unfulfilling relationships. Now she has come up with the solution to every woman’s problem, a private social club called “Whatever She Wants” where men have to qualify to get in. No baby daddies, no bad credit, no car, no pot bellies, and living with your mama will get you NO ENTRY. To be in the presence of these women you have to be able to give them whatever they need. Witness the power, laughter, strength and honesty as Vivian searches for the perfect man who just may not come in the perfect box. “Whatever She Wants” is the story about one woman’s determination to rediscover who she really is.

3 Ways To Get A Husband

Chastity Moore believes there are three ways a woman can get a husband….love him, live with him, or leave him. She tried loving her man but he chose to serve his country instead. She tried living with her next boyfriend and that didn’t work. So Chastity’s mother, Patricia, wants her daughter to use her three ways to get a husband – love him past his pain, let him be a man and if all else fails wait on God. Experience one woman’s ultimate fight through heartbreak, forgiveness and discovering what really matters in an explosive stage play that will have you looking at love in a whole new light, starring Leon, Billy Dee Williams, Shirley Murdock and Lenny Williams.

Cheaper To Keep Her

When a married couple is ready to call it quits, they always want different things. Raymond Mays wants a divorce and Morgan Mays wants alimony. When the fed-up judge bangs her gavel, she decides Morgan doesn’t deserve half… she deserves it all. Morgan gets everything—the house, Raymond’s retirement, and some would say even his self-esteem, leaving him with nothing but the thought; it would have been cheaper to keep her. Raymond has two options to prevent him from paying alimony: kill Morgan or get her married off to someone else. As ex-husband and ex-love face off with each other, broken hearts will get revenge and hearts and marital matrimony will collide only to discover if it’s easier to love her as his wife.

Men, Money & Gold Diggers

Caleb Peterson has it all-great job, plenty of money, and a fine fiancée in former model Paisley Terrell. They’re all set to get married just

Love Overboard

The S.S. Love & Happiness is the cruise ship known for making romantic dreams come true, but the passengers on this voyage are a turbulent bunch. From the captain (Sam Logan), who is more concerned with stalking women than steering the ship and the married couple Gerald (Carl Payne) and Patrice (Tammy Townsend) hoping to reignite their passion, to the divorced man Russell (Khalil Kain) celebrating his new independence, everyone on board does a little something to rock the boat. Can this ship be righted and the relationships saved before the trip ends, or is this dream vacation cruising to disaster?


Starring Brian McKnight, Wendy Raquel Robinson, James Avery, Carl Payne and Karen Malina White, Stephan Mitchell, a jazz musician newly reunited with his father, finds


  Rene Depriest and Paula Jenkins are best friends who decided to celebrate Rene’s birthday at the beautiful Birds of Paradise Hotel & Casino. But

The Maintance Man

Je’Caryous Johnson’s Maintenance Man stars Darius McCrary as an attractive man who makes his living as a male prostitute whose clientele includes a variety of wealthy women. His lifestyle begins to tire him, and he finds himself daydreaming of a wife, kids, and a nine to five job. The Maintenance Man cast stars Darius McCrary, Billy Dee Williams, Arnez J, Donna Wilkerson-Stewart and D’Atra Hicks.


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