About I’m Ready Productions

Je’Caryous Johnson has always known he wanted a career in the arts. But it wasn’t until a theater arts professor issued a challenge did he realize he was truly ready to pursue his dream.

“If opportunity came tomorrow…who would be ready?” the professor asked.

“I’m Ready,” the then-19-year-old Je’Caryous proudly proclaimed.

That would become the Houston native’s mantra, and the basis for establishing his company, I’m Ready Productions, Inc. Johnson had already overcome insurmountable odds just to get into college, so creating a company from the ground up was just another goal he was ready to accomplish.

Armed with money from his student loans, Johnson set out to begin a revolution in the arts. Fueled by passion and faith, the talented thespian wrote, produced and directed shows for the Exxon Mobil Corporation and designed themed-based shows for The University of Houston African American Studies Dept. Those shows included productions such as: “Last Full Measure: Blacks in World War II,” “The Harlem Renaissance: Communication with the Soul,” “From Slaves to Kings,” “If Only you can Hear My Music” and “Heaven’s Child: The Legacy of Emmit Till.”

But Johnson was ready for the next level and began to revolutionize the stageplay arena with a no-fear, outside-the-box approach to bringing the best of entertainment to the stage. Johnson boldly dared to go where no one had dared go before. From turning bestselling African-American novels into plays, to approaching box-office superstars (Denzel Washington was the first actor he ever approached about starring in one of his plays), I’m Ready Productions seeks to tackle the seemingly insurmountable. And in doing so, have changed the face of American touring theater. Johnson is single-handedly responsible for changing what was called the “chitlin circuit” market into what is known today as Urban Theater.

“I’m a dreamer, a visionary, the big picture guy,” Johnson said. “I think of our next step and then go out and make deals happen.”

I’m Ready’s successful national tours include the Je’Caryous Johnson productions: Men Cry in the Dark, The Maintenance Man, Friends and Lovers, Cheaters, Confessions, Men, Money & Gold Diggers, Whatever She Wants, 3 Ways to Get a Husband, Love Overboard, Cheaper to Keep Her and Marriage Material.



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