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Je’Caryous Johnson has always had a passion for creative arts. But growing up on the north side of Houston, there were little to no avenues to cultivate and develop his talents. That’s why one of the first things Johnson did upon achieving success was find a way to give young people what he wished that he’d had.

The Je’Caryous Johnson Acting School (JJAS) was founded to satisfy the void in the urban market with opportunities that might not otherwise be available. JJAS seeks to secure the future of urban artistic expression by nurturing, empowering, educating, inspiring and supporting aspiring African-American artists. JJAS is an intensive program, designed specifically for theater, film and television; focusing on developing the actor’s instrument, sharpening fundamental skills and creating a process for acting that works for each individual. Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced students are welcome.

JJAS also assists churches with their performing arts ministries to become more effective in worshiping and in ministering for the Lord through drama.

The lessons will focus on technique, scene study and audition/cold reading. Johnson travels the country conducting classes in workshop settings.

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