The plus size “Sex and the City Girls” Sister Margo and Karen, and their friend ‘Chelle, were the “baddest” chicks on the block. Bootylicious and proud of it, they loved hard, laughed out loud, and lived by the code “Friends forever through thick- not thin”, because in their world, the more the woman the “More To Love”.


The S.S. Love & Happiness is the cruise ship known for making romantic dreams come true, but the passengers on this voyage are a turbulent bunch. From the captain (Sam Logan), who is more concerned with stalking women than steering the ship and the married couple Gerald (Carl Payne) and Patrice (Tammy Townsend) hoping to reignite their passion, to the divorced man Russell (Khalil Kain) celebrating his new independence, everyone on board does a little something to rock the boat. Can this ship be righted and the relationships saved before the trip ends, or is this dream vacation cruising to disaster?

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