DVD Release Marriage Material



When a married couple is ready to call it quits, they always want different things. Esteemed lawyer Koren Lyles has been known to slay hearts, but what happens when each of her past romantic casualties, end up at a premarital […]

Upcoming Project: Things Your Man Won’t Do



Kasey and Chris have been married for five years and though their partnership is strong, Chris spends more time at work than on their relationship. Although Kasey is not looking to leave her marriage, the extra attention from her best […]

Upcoming Projects: Je’Caryous Johnson More To Love



The plus size “Sex and the City Girls” Sister Margo and Karen, and their friend ‘Chelle, were the “baddest” chicks on the block. Bootylicious and proud of it, they loved hard, laughed out loud, and lived by the code “Friends […]